For evidence of my Instructional Delivery, I have included a study guide from my HS Music Theory class, a MS classroom music project guidelines page, HS Choir sight reading tips and a sound file from the HS Concert Choir singing at the district wide Veterans' Day program 11/10/11. The study guide was given to students who are preparing for their midterm. Questions are taken from the notes and direct instruction given in the classroom and worded similarly to what will appear on the test itself. This allows students the opportunity to practice at their own pace and in their own method. Each day in my general music classes we begin by listening to a song. Some songs are popular music, some are from other countries, some are from centuries ago. The main goal is to have student become active listeners. In order to do so they must focus on finding out what they are actually listening to by identifying instruments or sounds they hear. The LJ (Listening Journal) Questions to Consider is a list of questions and sub-questions students can ask themselves while listening to the piece to help their listening process. The HS choir main focus this year is to increase sight reading skills- that is to have a new piece of music and sing it without first rehearsing. This builds the musicians ability to audiate and increases their overall musicianship. Finally, as evidence of what we have accomplished thus far, the recording is of the piece Song for the Unsung Hero by Joseph and Pamela Martin.