For evidence of my professionalism I have included links to the musical wikispace that I maintain, to the Arts Educator 2.0 professional development project I have participated in for the past three years, a composition I co-wrote, the PMEA District 1 website and my IU 1 class transcript. The musical wikispace was created as a resource for parents and students involved in the annual production. The website is updated frequently to reflect the rehearsal calendar, include sound files for vocal rehearsals, additional copies of publicity documents for advertisements and program bios and whatever other information needs to be communicated. This has been extremely helpful since until this year I did not have high school classes and had no other way to relay messages to the students. The ArtsEd project has been a major influence in my teaching in the past three years. By learning ways to meaningfully infuse technology, research and inquiry based learning into the arts classrooms we are finding new ways to challenge the thinking of our students and empower their creative skills. I strive to teach my students to become life long musicians and life long music lovers and I hold myself to that same challenge. The piece I have included was originally started as a college assignment and was completed with a music colleague of mine. PMEA District 1 serves the students in Western PA and their teachers by providing music festivals, teacher training workshops and advocacy tools. My IU transcript demonstrates my commitment toward continuing professional education and the wide selection of courses I have taken in the efforts of becoming a more well-rounded educator

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